Emma Read-A-Long

This read-a-long is open to all! I’ve been watching Emma Approved and decided I needed to read the book while the show is still going. You’re encouraged (but not required) to watch Emma Approved while participating so we can talk about both.

Here’s the schedule.

Part 1: Part 1 -Chapters 1-9    January 18
Part 2: Part 1- Chapters 10-18    January 25
Part 3: Part 2- Chapters 1-9    February 1
Part 4: Part 2- Chapters 10-18    February 8
Part 5: Part 3- Chapters 1-9    February 15
Part 6: Part 3- Chapters 10-19    February 22

I plan on posting my thoughts on each section on the date I’ve listed above. You can post yours on or around that time period or stop by here and leave your thoughts on my posts! I’ll try to talk about Emma Approved in my posts as well.

Drop a line below if you’d like to participate!


7 thoughts on “Emma Read-A-Long

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