Monthly Round Up: December 2013

Can you believe the year is over?! 2013 was a pretty rough year. There were some pretty dark moments this year but there’s nothing I can do besides keep moving ahead. I’m praying that 2014 will be a much better year than I’ve been having. Let’s get back to the books…

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I found my book/blog resolutions that I set for myself in 2013. Let’s see how I did:

-My Reading Challenge Goal on Goodreads is 75 books. I’m still working on balancing reading and working 30+ hours a week. That puts me at a little over a book a week which should be achievable.
-Try to read more self-published books of my own choosing. I keep downloading self-pub freebies from Amazon but never reading them.
-Try to read more classic books. I’ll try to split it between BHA and independent reading.
-Use the library more often. I do work at the library so I really should take advantage of the free books.
-Work on finding other topics or ideas to blog about. Since my reading time has been cut, I’m not able to crank out reviews like I used to. Now I need to create more features or join other memes to supplement my posts each week. Maybe more Cover Love, Hidden in the Shelves, Listed, or Discussion posts? I don’t know yet. I’ll work on it.

1. I exceeded that goal quite a bit. I ended up reading 138 books in 2013.

2. I think I read about 17 books that fell into the self published category. That’s not too bad. For the most part they’re pretty enjoyable. It’s a good thing I’m a bit picky with the books I read. I’ve been able to find some good books that way.

3. Eeek. I didn’t do so well here. I only read 5. That’s probably because I gave up on BHA. That’s okay though. At least when I read classic books now, it’s because I want to read them.

4. I did pretty well on this one. Being at the library all the time makes it easy to request books or check out interesting things as I come across them. It was a bit help on my wallet.

5. I did okay here. I tried a few different type of posts but they didn’t really stick. Listed stuck around pretty well because I have to make book lists each month. I could have definitely done a lot better.

Goals for 2014

  1. I set my GR challenge to 100 books.
  2. I’m going to do the Reading Outside The Box challenge.
  3. I’m not going to be ‘afraid’ to pick something up. If the book doesn’t ‘fit’ in on the blog, that’s fine. I can read it and not review it. I’m allowed to grab a book on skim over it or only read the parts that interest me.

How was your 2013? Any big goals for 2014?


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