A Bit of Everything (4)

I’m really enjoying the Autobiography of Jane Eyre. I was initially a bit unsure how much I would like it because it was a lot less “polished” than the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Over the past few months, I’ve grown fond of the style. The videos seem more personal. It makes Jane seem more real. Like she’s a normal twentysomething posting a video diary.

I’ve also been watching Emma Approved. This story I haven’t been too wild about. Much like the LBD, the videos are polished. Very polished. It almost feels overdone to me. I know that’s the look and idea they’re going for because Emma is a perfectionist. Emma is a really hard character to like. She’s a bit too meddlesome for me and I feel like I don’t really know her. I just know the character she shows the world. I think that might be changing because in the last video we see how much the situation with Senator Elton upset her. Hopefully we see more of this side of Emma!

I’ve mentioned it before but I’ve never read Jane Eyre or Emma. Would anyone be interested in a read-a-long of one or both of those books next year? I haven’t thought through most of the details yet but I would say it would be pretty laid back. We read (or re-read) the book over 2-3 months. We could have a post(s) on my blog (or someone else’s) where we talk about our thoughts on the book, the webseries, how they compare, anything else about the two we want to talk about. Anyone interested? If you are let me know and we can work on details!

I mentioned something on Twitter the other day about doing a Doctor Who library event. Obviously I’m excited. It will be months down the road so we have a lot of time to work out the details. One of the things I’m working on is a booklist for Doctor Who. I’m trying to add books that have the general feel of Doctor Who (like time travel, space ships, etc) as well as books that feel like a specific episode. A few people have replied on Twitter (thank you!) but if anyone else has suggestions, let me have them!


4 thoughts on “A Bit of Everything (4)

  1. I’d happily do a readalong of Emma or Jane Eyre. I’ve read them both, but it’s been a while since I read Emma, and I loooove Jane Eyre so will always reread it. I’ll have to catch up on the webseries of Jane Eyre — I started watching it too and wasn’t sure it was going to be my jam, but I will give it another try.

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