Thinking Ahead For Reading Outside The Box

I’m really excited for Reading Outside The Box. I tried to get a good mix of books for me (and those participating). I wanted to push myself. I think I will definitely do that because because some of the books are ‘out there’ for me.

This will be my place to ‘think out loud’ as well as ask for recommendations.

You can still sign up for Reading Outside The Box if you’re interested!

Graphic Novel

I don’t know why I don’t read more of these. I do enjoy them whenever I read one. This might be a good push to finally read American Born Chinese. Maybe I’ll pick up something else. I do have a Graphic Novel display going up next month…


I do enjoy mysterious elements in my stories. I don’t read outright mysteries very often though. I have a collection of Sherlock Holmes I could try. I’ve been really loving Bones the TV series lately so I could try one of those books as well.

Reading By Ear

For this one I’m actually going to listen to the audiobook in a timely manner! No listening for a book to over 6 months and only being half way through. No idea what I’ll pick up though. Any recommendations on a book that does very well on audio?

Poetry or Novel-In-Verse

Not going to lie, this one terrifies me. I don’t really do poetry. I’ve tried novels-in-verse in the past but had very mixed results with them (hated one and liked the other). We’ll see if I can find a good one.

Award Winner

This one will be…interesting. It’s very open ended. I might skim over some award lists to find something I’ve been wanting to read. Maybe a Newberry winner? Printz winner? Alex Awards winner?

Biography or Memoir

Yikes. Another one that’s really out there for me. I don’t have anything against biographies or memoirs. I just don’t want to read a whole book about one person. A bit of information about someone is interesting but a whole book kind of bores me. Hopefully I can find one that’s not too boring for me!

Historical Fiction

I’ve dabbled in historical fiction. I don’t know if I would say I loved it but I’ve enjoyed some of the books I’ve read. I want to push myself a bit outside my comfort zone. I always see Philippa Gregory at the library but haven’t read her. I know I can find something to read but if you know of any really great books let me know!

Lost in Translation

I’ve had Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier on my Kindle for ages now. I think this will be my go to translated book if I can’t find something else that looks interesting. If you know of a really good translated book, let me know!


Yep, I will be reading a romance book intentionally. Eeek. I definitely need help with this one. I need a really good one. No Harlequin romances. I need something where the couple treats each other like equals. Absolutely no erotica. Any recommendations?

Adult Fiction

Another one that’s really open ended. This might be fun to see what’s out there. I’m so focused on YA/kid’s lit so I have no idea what’s going on in the world of Adult Fiction.


10 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead For Reading Outside The Box

  1. For “Lost in Translation”, have you already read Inkheart? If not, how about Battle Royale, which I’ve been wanting to read because people compare the plot to The Hunger Games.

    Does Dr. Seuss count as “Poetry or Novel-in-verse”?

    • Oooh, I didn’t know Inkheart was translated. I’ve been wanting to try that for while.

      Dr. Suess could count. You can play the challenge as safe or as adventurous as you’d like.

  2. Here are my recommendations:
    Memoires=》 Anne Frank diary. Anne was a German jew who ended up in Lager after several years hiding in Amsterdam. It is a tiny book about hidding from fascists and how is it to share a small place with 7 more persons.
    I am not a fan of memoires or biographies either, but this one was really interesting.
    Believe me it gonna be anything but nothing you are exoecting it to be.

  3. For your biography/memoir, you might try something that’s not all about one person. I loved Six Wives, a book about the wives of Henry VIII. His life had enough drama that it practically felt like fiction and learning about these very different women kept me interested.

    I loved The Scorpio Races as an audiobook. I’ve generally liked Simon Vance’s style of narration, so anything he does could be a good choice. I also remember hearing really good things about The Help. And if you’re going to read World War Z, I think the full cast audiobook is definitely the way to go!

    Thanks for putting this challenge together! I enjoy trying to get myself to read outside my comfort zone, so I’m excited to join in 🙂

  4. Audiobooks FINALLY clicked for me this year. I still don’t race through them, but I am having success that I never had before. I am listening to STIFF by Mary Roach at the moment and liking it. I have heard lots of good things about Simon Vance, who I see recommended above, and I STILL haven’t read him. Shame on me!

    There are so many fantastic graphic novels out there. One that seems to be crossing borders really well is called SAGA by Brian K Vaughan and the artist is Fiona Staples. I loved the first one and really need to get around to the second one. American Born Chinese is good, though, so you could just stick with that. 🙂

    I will warn you, there is only a limited amount of similarities between Bones the books and Bones the show… I read the first book and was really surprised!

    As to historical fiction… There are so many options! Philippa Gregory is okay, but I have had limited success with her. I am a bit out of the blogging loop, but have you read Code Name Verity? Otherwise there is Sharon K. Penman, Michelle Moran, Jean Plaidy… etc, etc.

    • I’ll have to look into Saga.

      I had a feeling the TV show and books were different. I’m really loving the show so I hope the books ‘live up’ to my enjoyment!

      Code Name Verity is on my radar. I should finally try it.

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