Movie Review: “Finding Neverland”

“Finding Neverland”

Source: Netflix

Summary from IMDB:

The story of J.M. Barrie’s friendship with a family who inspired him to create Peter Pan.


Even though this movie isn’t a retelling of Peter Pan, I thought I needed to watch it for Classics Retold. It’s always interesting seeing behind the scenes of books. This movie is no different.

We see why Barrie is so caught up with not wanting to grow up. Being an adult with many responsibilities is difficult enough on its own. I think it’s even harder when you’re not “good” at it like Barrie was. (His plays were doing poorly and he couldn’t imagine trying something else.) That’s enough to make someone long for the carefree innocence of childhood. When Barrie meets the Davies family he’s thrown more into the realm of never wanting to grow up. He’s able to have fun with the boys and not be concerned about the struggles of adult life.

The relationship between Barrie and the Davies family was interesting. Depp was able to realistically portray Barrie as a man who genuinely cared about the Davies boys without it being creepy. I really loved how hard Barrie fought for the Davies family and making sure they were cared for. It really annoyed me that so many people thought his relationship was inappropriate with the family.   I know how it could have looked from the outside but the inside of the relationship was made up of genuine love.

The bottom line? It’s a fascinating look at Barrie and the Davies family.

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