Search Terms (5)

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where can i buy wuthering heights book cheap without joining a club

I’m pretty sure you can get Wuthering Heights in any ebook store for free. I believe it’s in the public domain.

why the maze runner shouldnt be made into a book

Uhhh it’s a bit too late for that?

what is sync summer?

An awesome program that offers free audiobooks for download!

how to get free physical books from review

I don’t do this but if you review on a regular basis people will soon contact you to give you books for review. You can ask them for physical copies. You can also contact publishers and let them know you’re interested in review copies of books.

which do you prefer the movie or book from winn dixie

The book!

gregor the overlander fan fiction

Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t write fan fiction here.

how does goodreads work?

You make an account then add books to your read, currently reading, or want to read bookshelves. You can use it to keep track of the books you’re interested in (or not interested in) and find friends with similar tastes!

what makes young adult books popular

My guess? The writing tends to be a bit more fast paced and interesting and the stories allow the characters (and readers) to have more fun than adult books.

Do you have any funny search terms to share?


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