15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 6

April at Good Books and Good Wine came up with this fun challenge. I’ve been seeing it pop up all over my reader so I knew I had to try my hand at it. You can check out the full details here.Day 6: Describe how you shop for books

As my blog name suggests, I am a cheap reader. I love books but there is NO way I can afford to spend $10+ a book. I try to look for the best deals possible so I can get more books without spending a ton of money.

I tend to shop more at used/new book stores than exclusively new ones. Hastings is typically my go to store. Their sales on new books aren’t that good but the deals on used books can be pretty great. I’ve seen everything from $1.99 for any used book to 5 used books for $25 sales there before.

When I hit up those sales I start in the teen section and just work my way down the aisle starting in the A’s. Since I’m likely in there looking for used books, I’m keeping my eye out for the green label that indicates that it’s a used book. I don’t tend to look for anything specific since I know used books can be all over the place. I tend to stop on the authors I’m fond of to see what books they have in. I’ll also stop on books that I’ve heard of through other bloggers or on books that just sound interesting. I’ll go back to the kids/middle reader area and repeat this process. If I have the time, I’ll circle back to the teen section to see if I missed anything. I bought an iPhone in the last year so I try to add my Goodreads app into the equation if I can. If I’m on the fence about a book, I’ll scan it to see if my friends have read it and see the general rating of the book. If I’m interested in a book but not enough to buy it, I’ll scan it so I can and it to my to-read shelf later.

I scope out Kindle deals as well. When I had more time, I would browse through the top 100/top 100 free books in several categories  several times a week to see if I could find something good. Now I just subscribe to several sites that post deals. I pretty much won’t buy ebooks unless they’re cheaper than $3.99.

Feel free to share your shopping habits or link me to yours!


6 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 6

  1. As a librarian, you probably already know of this, but I’ve found lots of great deals from my local public library. They have a Friends Shop where paperbacks are 50 cents and hardcovers are $1. I’ve found lots of great used books there!

    As for new books, I mainly look for deals on Amazon or pre-order books that I just have to get when they come out.

  2. I guess I shall call myself “expensive reader” =))
    I don’t use library option as I don’t know how long it gonna take me to finish book and I don’t want to stress about missing term.
    I was told there is somewhere a shop, where I can get new books very cheap because of small defects or if it is last exemplar, but I don’t know where it is. So I just go to a regular book store and get myself an eye candy (if I don’t know what exactly I want to read. Otherwise I shop online). Though I have to say, it got cheaper since I read E-Books in English. They are at least 2 times cheaper that E-Books in German and 3-4 times than paper Book in German.
    I guess you would ruin your whole family if you were reading in German, haha XD

    • To me, it sounds like it’s worth the money for you to spend on books. You know I’m a quick reader so I have a harder time spending a lot of money on something that will take me a few hours or days to read.

      You’re right. I would go broke over there! haha

      • haha, yeah, you are right at this point. I have just begun the second volume of Sword of Truth. It is 1000 pages huge and I have done only 2% today. I am afraid it gonna take me at least 50 days to get through the book (( Of course it has its very own advantages (???? right word??? xD) but on the other hand there are SO many books that needed to be read!!!!!! I just hear them sobbing “read us, pleaaaase, reeaaad us!!!!!! =((((“

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