Classics Retold Check In Post

Hello everyone!

This is an optional check in post for Classics Retold. We’ve got less than 2 months to go until the project is live! I’m just curious as to how everyone is coming along on the project so far.

Feel free to use the comments to: update us on what you’ve done so far, tell us how you’re liking the books/media so far, ask for suggestions about your project, ask for guest reviewers/posters, complain, ask questions, whatever you want regarding the project!


3 thoughts on “Classics Retold Check In Post

  1. I’m doing okay with the project so far. I’ve read my main book (Peter Pan) and I’ve watched a few movies. I’ve mostly finished the posts for all of those. Now I just need to work on some other books!

  2. I just saw this, are you still taking sign ups for this? It sounds like a great idea. I saw that Hansel and Gretel had not been taken and I could think of a few things to write about.

    • Hi Emma! Sign ups closed back in May. Hansel and Gretel wouldn’t quite work for this project because it’s a fairy tale.

      If you would like to do something as a part of the project, you can look through the sign up posts of what people are doing ( and find a classic book that interests you. Contact the person reading that book and see if they will let you write a guest post/review about the book or a retelling of the book.

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