Quick Thoughts: “Pride and Prejudice and Kitties”, “The Hunger Games and Philosophy” and “Doctor Who The Encyclopedia”

I’m going to do a bit of a different Quick Thoughts post today. This is a round up of books I got from the library somewhat recently. I don’t tend to “read” non-fiction as much as I flip through it and skim over it. That’s what this round-up is! Non-fiction books that I didn’t exactly read but still wanted to share my thoughts on.

Pride and Prejudice and Kitties: A Cat-Lover’s Romp Through Jane Austen’s Classic by Jane Austen, Pamela Jane and Deborah Guyol

GoodreadsGenre: Adult Non-Fiction, Humor

Source: Library

This was a fun book to flip through. I didn’t read too far into the book because I didn’t want to spoil P&P for myself (since I haven’t read it yet). The story was funny enough. I liked how the author included passages from the ‘real’ story at the end of the chapter so you could see what she changed.

Plus cat pictures!

The Hunger Games and Philosophy: A Critique of Pure Treason edited by William Irwin, George A. Dunn, and Nicolas Michaud (Editor)

GoodreadsGenre: Adult Non-Fiction

Source: Library

I always find the Pop Culture and Philosophy books interesting to skim over. I was a Mass Media major so I know all about critiquing and analyzing books and movies. It’s entertaining for me to do it for fun now since I’m not having to do it for school work. The essays were interested enough but didn’t fully grab my attention unfortunately,

Doctor Who The Encyclopedia by Gary Russell

GoodreadsGenre: Adult Non-Fiction

Source: Library

This was a really, really inclusive encyclopedia. They had entries for things like: Lad 1, Lad 2, Boy 1, etc. It included pretty much anything you’d want to know about the first 6 series of the reboot. It sure beats reading up on Doctor Who on Wikipedia! (Though I do prefer being able to click from article to article on Wikipedia). Even though I still haven’t watched much Classic Who, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more information from that era. I’d love to see how everything comes in together.

What are your thoughts? (Comments are moderated. Yours will be up as soon as I read it!)

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