If You Like…Harry Potter

We do these at work so I thought I’d see how they worked out on the blog. It’s pretty easy, if you like book A you might also enjoy books B, C, and D.

If you enjoyed Harry Potter

You might enjoy these books:


7 thoughts on “If You Like…Harry Potter

  1. did you come up with the recommendations on your own? or from another site? Just wondering so I can find out why I might like them. Huge HP fan here but sometimes skeptical of the “if you likes…” that go along with it.

    Been wanting to read that Magyk one for a bit. I might just have to pick it up now!

    • I used NoveList to help come up with the titles. They gave me quite a few options but I picked the ones I thought were the closest matches.

      If your library has Novelist, you can search the book you want recommendations for and they will give you the reasons WHY they chose each book.

  2. As a huge HP fan, I find nothing is like HP. Sure there are plenty of stories in boarding schools, or with magic. I don’t know WHY I like HP apart from the richness of the characters and storytelling, I just know that so far, none of the ‘if you liked HP, then you might like this…” lists that I’ve found over time come anywhere near to being ‘like HP’ for me.

    But that “So you want to be a Wizard” looks cute!

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