Monthly Round Up: May 2013

Eeek the year is half over! Summer is almost here. Hopefully that doesn’t mess with my reading too much.

Recommended Reading

Other Posts of Interest

What coming up in June?

BHA is reading Pride and Prejudice which I’m excited about. I’ve never had a huge interest in reading the book but The Lizzie Bennet Diaries changed that. I’m starting to see that I might have more in common with Elizabeth than I thought.

My 2 year blogoversary is coming up in June as well as my birthday! I probably won’t do much on the blog for them though.

I’d liked to do some work for Classics Retold. I’ve already Peter Pan for the project so now I’m off to the other stuff. I’d like to take a movie or two of it this month as well as working on the posts for it. I might even sneak in a book!

How was your May? Any big plans for June?


2 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: May 2013

  1. I would love to sneak in a book for Classics retold this month. I have been reading Robin Hood for three weeks and I’m nineteen pages from the ending. I hope I get the ending I want because at this point I’m not overly enjoying the book.

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