How To Use NoveList Plus

Have you heard about NoveList Plus? It’s an AMAZING e-resource. It’s a paid resource but you would be likely to find it on your local library’s website. It should be free for you as long as you have a library card.  Look under their e-resources for it.

NoveList Plus is a tool for finding books. It’s a really simple idea but there are so many ways to find books here.

This is what the homepage looks like:

HomepageYou can see on the left there are some basic categories to choose from. They change a bit on the different age groups. If you click on one of the categories, it will break down the genre into a few more sub-genres. Clicking on any one of those links will bring you to a list of ~20 or so books that fall into that sub-genre. Then there you have a quick book list of YA Alien books (or whatever combination of categories you’d like to choose).

You can also get recommendations of books based on a specific book.

Book Screen

Every book you search for will have a screen that looks more or less like this. The left side of the page has book info. The right side of the page has 9 books that are similar to the book you’re looking at. If you click “Print All”, it will bring you to a printer friendly page with a quick explanation of WHY you’d probably like each book.

There’s even a check catalog link! Since you’re doing this through your library, the link will bring you to their catalog so you can find it or place a hold on it.

You can also find books/book recommendations based on certain aspects of a story.

SearchIf you were to scroll down a bit from the screen above you’d find a list like this. Here you can choose which aspect you want recommendations for. You choose as many options as you want and click search. NoveList will then bring up results that match your search.

There are also a bunch of other things you can do with the site. They have book discussion guides, book talks, Grab and Go book lists, picture book extenders, Award book lists, and author read-alikes. You can make your own account and save books to folders. That’s what I do for my book lists for work. It’s super handy!

Hope this helped you out! Have fun finding new to you books at your library.


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