New Underland Chronicles Covers

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Underland Chronicles. When I heard they were giving the covers a new look, I was hesitant but excited. I loved the old covers but I always enjoy seeing new covers for books.

I think these new covers are great. They definitely look more “mature” than the old covers. I’m hoping that means more people will pick them up. I know people are a bit hesitant to read these because they are written for a younger audience than The Hunger Games. They’re really missing out though! The characters are a bit younger but the themes of this book are just as dark and mature as THG. I think a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised when they pick up Gregor.

Take a look at the new covers! I believe they will be out sometime this summer.


8 thoughts on “New Underland Chronicles Covers

    • I will continually tell you that you need to finish the series. 😀 I think they’re great.

      Woah, that’s pretty awesome. I think I actually prefer the 90’s covers, ha.

      • I read book 3 shortly after your last post about the series encouraging me to do so. 🙂 Books 4 and 5 are on my TBR list, but there are a couple of dozen books before it.

    • Yeah, they’re new to most people. Probably because they don’t read kid’s books. They’re really great though. I hope you decide to read one, Angie!

  1. I was so excited when I saw these covers. The new Prophecy of Bane cover is absolutely fantastic, is definitely my favorite of all the new covers!

  2. Hey, is there place for a new fan here? I LOVE the new covers, and the books themselves, and I would very much like to get in touch with other fans. My skype address is: dennie171.

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