Book Pet Peeves: Books That Don’t Match

Book Pet Peeves is a feature where I do a mini-rant about bookish things that annoy me. Feel free to join in!


As a book buyer, this one really gets me. I’m not a person that’s highly organized. My room isn’t exactly a pig sty but it’s not pristine either. Books are where I’m a bit more organized. It really annoys me to have series books not match. This could be in paperback vs hardback or covers matching.

I do tend to actually hold off on buying books simply because I want them all to match. Case in point: The Hunger Games. I bought the first book in paperback before it got really popular. I loved it and wanted to buy the next books. Guess what? You can’t buy the other books in paperback. [Actually it looks they’re just now releasing Catching Fire in paperback this summer.] Talk about frustrating!

I have bought books that don’t match before and it does irk me a bit. When buying the books I didn’t think much of it at the time. I was just trying to get the best deal. Now it looks a bit silly to have one mismatched book within a series. Sure it might add some character to your bookshelf but I don’t think it looks as pretty.


17 thoughts on “Book Pet Peeves: Books That Don’t Match

  1. Oh, I feel you on this! I had this problem with Harry Potter. NONE of my books for that series match. I started buying them in paperback but couldn’t find the paperback of HP 7 anywhere! I wanna say I’d had my books for nearly 4 years before I saw the first HP 7 in paperback! Granted, I wouldn’t trade my books in for the world, but it still irks me!

  2. When I’m buying my own books (or asking for Christmas) I definitely try to make them match. What bugs me more than cover style is hardcover versus paperback. That being said, I got several Tamora Pierce quartets free from a family friend and hardly any of them match; it really bothered me at first but I like owning the books more than getting frustrated with that one fact.

  3. I agree I like to have all the books in a series in the same format. I bought all of the Pretty Little Liars books in paperback until like book 8 then I had to start getting them in hardback bc thats all they have and they don’t look nice together at all. But I have all The Lying Game books in hardback and they look so pretty together. I also hate when they change the look of the covers midway through the series. I don’t want to have 3 books designed in one theme and then 3 other books that have a completely different look and feel to them. Ughh that really makes me mad!

  4. Ugh, I hate that too! When an author changes publishes in midstream, and they have all new covers and even different book sizes? I want my books to all match! This sickness has now progressed to the state where I want all my books by the same author to match (or at least look similar), not just the series books.

  5. They keep changing up the covers as soon as someone at the publisher sneezes these days too. Argh! I think it is a new book but it is the same one that has been out for a while! Lame – I don’t like it when my book series don’t match, but I usually can’t wait to read them…

  6. That bothers me SO MUCH too. For instance, I tend to buy in paperback because it’s cheaper and a cover redesign (if it’s a series), isn’t likely. But if I win a hardback in a giveaway and it’s part of a series, I get abnormally paranoid that I’m going to end with a mismatching series. It hasn’t happened yet, but I think I may actually REBUY the whole series if that ever happens. I couldn’t take the ugly shelves.

    • I knew you’d agree with me on this. 😀 I don’t know if I’d rebuy the series if I had it happen. Maybe you could find someone to trade with to get your books to match?

  7. Oh my gosh YES, especially to The Hunger Games!!! I bought the paperback of THG at a used book store and it took me a LONG time to realize that paperbacks for the other two books didn’t exist yet. So I had to (im)patiently wait for them to FINALLY be released. I’m glad it’s finally coming soon! I didn’t want to buy all hardcovers when I had already purchased one PB and let’s face it…. they DO have to match. I have half hardcovers half PBs of Harry Potter right now and I hate the way that looks. I THINK I get to keep my boyfriend’s mom’s hardcovers of HP when they move (I hope) instead of buying the hardcovers to match.

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