Classics Retold: Brainstorming for Peter Pan

The sign up for Classics Retold is still up and running for those who want to join us!

I chose Peter Pan as my classic. I’ve never read it but it’s always been on my radar.

Here are my possible plans for the project.



  • Finding Neverland
  • Neverland (mini series)
  • Disney’s Peter Pan
  • Hook

I’ve already read Peter and the Starcatchers and Tiger Lily. Anything else I should think about getting?

If you’d like to read Peter Pan as well for this project, we have room for you! Sign up here.


9 thoughts on “Classics Retold: Brainstorming for Peter Pan

  1. Maybe the play? Didn’t Peter Pan start out as that? Either way, the play is TOTALLY cute – I’d suggest finding a screen version of it. There’s a couple out there! Can’t think of any retellings or versions of this, but will keep my eyes out for you!

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