Movie Review: “How To Train Your Dragon”

How To Train Your Dragon

Synopsis from IMDB:

A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed.


Disclaimer: I’ve committed a big no-no amongst readers. I watched the movie without reading the book first. I’m usually pretty good about trying to read the book first but I didn’t get around to it for this movie. In my defense when I first heard about the movie, I didn’t know it was based on a book.

The story is a pretty simple one and to a certain extent a bit predictable. There’s animosity among the Vikings and dragons and it’s been there for years. A young Viking who doesn’t fit in begins a friendship with a dragon and realizes dragons aren’t the vicious beasts they’ve always thought. The young Viking tries to tell his people their mistake and they won’t listen. We’ve read and seen variations of this basic story for years. It really shouldn’t be so engaging but for some reason, the story sucks you in. It’s a good example of a simple story being done very well.

I’ve enjoyed a good number of DreamWorks movies over the years. I never really love them but I enjoy them. They’re fun to watch but I never fall in love with the movies like I do with Pixar or Disney movies. They just don’t have the same heart. This is the first DreamWorks movie to have some real heart. I can’t tell you what it was but there was definitely something different with this movie. Even though the movie is pretty short (98 minutes), you’re able to connect pretty well with Hiccup. You can understand why he wants to fit in and you understand why he can’t fit in. Sure, there’s not as much character development as there could be but there’s enough to not leave you completely hanging. It’s definitely leaves you wanting more and interested in picking up the book.

The bottom line? Quite enjoyable. I wasn’t totally interested in reading the books before but I’d like to try them now!


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: “How To Train Your Dragon”

  1. Didn’t realize this was a book either! Thought the movie was very cute though… it did seem to have a lot of heart, although I can’t quite put my finger on what it was about it.

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