Listed: MG Books To Try

ListedIn my corner of the book blogging world, YA books reign. I understand that. YA books are pretty awesome but middle grade books (books aimed at ~ 8-12 year olds) are pretty great too. Here are some of my suggestions for MG books to try!

Are you a fan of MG books? What books do you recommend?

5 thoughts on “Listed: MG Books To Try

  1. Just yesterday, I was trying to come up with a list for my 10-year-old niece who has been reading the Harry Potter series. I haven’t read The Mysterious Benedict Society; how would it compare with HP?

    • It’s similar to HP in that the kids go to a special school(s). It’s got a big spy/secret agent focus than HP does. I’m sure she’d like it. I know it’s fairly popular with kids her age.

    • My son read 3 of the books in The Mysterious Benedict Society series (I think there are 5 in all) when he was 9, and he liked them a lot.

      You’ve got a good list there, Alison! I think the ones I can think of are on there. Rick Riordan also has the Kane Chronicles series, which focuses on Egyptian mythology instead of Greek.

  2. I really enjoyed Dragon Slippers & The Mysterious Benedict Society! I find I’m always recommending Carl Hiaasen’s MG books (Hoot, Flush, Scat, & Chomp), they’re so funny and quirky, and perfect for a boy or girl middle grader. 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    • Would you believe I’ve never read one of Hiaasen’s books? Since you’re the second person in the last week to recommend him to me, I might have to look into his books now!

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