Book Review: “Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen”

“Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen” by Hans Christian Andersen

GoodreadsGenre: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy, Fairy Tales

Source: Gift


Fairy tales are very interesting. They are definitely the start of fantasy literature so it’s fun to see how far things have come over the years. At the same time, I found they can be a bit dull (for me). The biggest problem is the stories don’t have a lot of development. They just have a basic plot and are pretty short. That makes for a great stepping point for re-tellings of the stories but doesn’t do much for the actual stories.

I liked the shorter stories because they’re quicker to get through but they are obviously lacking in many areas. The good guys are good and they bad guys are bad and that’s that. There is no reason or explanation to the characters which got to be annoying. I do like more development in my stories. The longer stories aren’t necessarily better. There still isn’t the development that  I want to see so the story drags on.

The stories aren’t really bad per se. If you were to read them one or two at a time and maybe read them in a book with nice pictures, they would be enjoyable.  I tried reading a good chunk of his stories for this and couldn’t finish my collection. I read all the stories in the first book (you can see my quick thoughts on the stories here) but ended up just skimming and skipping over the last three books because I really wasn’t a fan.

The bottom line? Not a fan.

This was read for BHA.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: “Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen”

  1. Yeah, the lack of character development in fairytales makes reading them from a book (especially a collection like this as opposed to a picture book where the illustrations might help develop the characters) a lot less enjoyable. I think back in the day the storytellers (like Hans Christian Andersen) would develop the characters personalities based on audience reactions.

    But these very basic tales are perfect for retellings!!!!!

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