Give It To Me (8)

I’m always finding super awesome things online that I don’t need but I definitely want. Give It To Me is going to be my way to highlight these awesome products and embrace my inner geek.

When Worlds Collide shirt

Buy from NeatoShop

I’m a huge fan of mash up art and I’m a new Doctor Who fan so this is pretty awesome for me!


8 thoughts on “Give It To Me (8)

    • YES! Yes! You need to watch it. The reboot of the series is on instant streaming. It’s great. It’s a bit silly in the earlier seasons but gets a lot better as the seasons go on (and their production budget goes up).

  1. I started watching Dr Who a year ago and I am completely hooked by the series!! And on you can find awesome Dr Who fan-made products!! I recently bought a bracelet with a quote from DrWho and I really love it!!
    Oh! And also there are books about the series, and these days due to the anniversary of Dr Who, 11 children’s authors are writing short stories set in the Dr Who universe. The first book, “A big Hand for the Doctor”, by Eoin Colfer is already out!! 🙂
    for more information you can follow this link:

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