Listed: Fairy Tale Re-Tellings I Need To Read After Project: Fairy Tale

ListedI hope you all had as much fun as I did with Project: Fairy Tale! It would have been incredibly hard for me to read all the fairy tales/re-tellings out there. I’m so glad I had help. I don’t know about you but my TBR list has expanded quite a bit after this month. I wasn’t able to comment on everyone’s posts like I had hoped I would (personal issues took over) but I did read over most of your posts!

Here’s my list of books I need to read now after reading everyone’s reviews!

These obviously aren’t the only re-tellings read for this project but are the ones that really caught my interest. You can look over the full list of posts here.

If you’re participating in Project: Fairy Tale, feel free to borrow this idea to feature any books or movies/TV shows you discovered while working on this project!

Project Fairy Tale

13 thoughts on “Listed: Fairy Tale Re-Tellings I Need To Read After Project: Fairy Tale

  1. I am sad that Project Fairytale is coming to an end. I haven’t had quite enough time to finish my final retelling, so I may have one or two posts into March to wrap up on my blog.

    It’s been a ton of fun, though!

    • I’m sad it’s ending too! It’s been great reading up on all the fairy tales. That’s fine finishing up in March. That’s what happens when we try to cram so much into February.

  2. I really liked Ella Enchanted, so much so that I recently bought another of Gail Carson Levine’s fairy tale re-tellings, Fairest, although I haven’t gotten around to reading Fairest yet.

    • Hope you enjoy Fairest! It’s a bit surprising that I’ve never read one of Levine’s books before. I’ve known about them for a really long time. Her books all sound great.

  3. I definitely added to my TBR list as well! I;m so glad you’re going to read Ella Enchanted, Beauty and Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. They are all some of my favorites. And thanks for coming up with this idea, and hosting it!

  4. Yey! I’m excited to read your thoughts on the Beauty and the Beast retellings. Thank you for hosting the Project: Fairy Tale, by the way. It’s been fun and exciting. ^_^

  5. Huge huge yes to reading Beauty. The other ones of those books that I’ve read have also been good, but Beauty is truly the wonderfulest. I mean that one and Ella Enchanted, which I reread recently and it hasn’t gotten at all less awesome from when I read it as a kid.

  6. I LOVED Scarlet, Entwined, and Breadcrumbs! I need to read the others as well. We need to find an epic list of all of the retellings that people read. We should have totally made a Goodreads list..

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