Discussion: Juggling Reading And Life

let's talkConfession time: I don’t multitask very well. I’ve always been a fan of reading but when I was in school I always let reading slide because it wasn’t as important as school. The last year and half has been pretty nice since I wasn’t in school anymore. I could read as much as I wanted!

Soon enough I found a part time job but even then I still had quite a bit of free time. I was still able to read a good amount. Now that I’ve found a full time job, I’m struggling to find time to read (and by extension, blog about my reading). I’m able to squeeze some reading in on my lunch break. I do try to read before I go to bed but I get tired before too long.

How are you able to juggle life and reading? How about book blogging? Any tips or tricks you want to share?


20 thoughts on “Discussion: Juggling Reading And Life

  1. Since I’m an author, writer/book blogger, and an editor, my time is pretty precious. I’ve found time to balance everything by keeping time sheets and cutting off my computer-time (most nights) after I’m done with work. I read every workday for thirty minutes before lunch and many nights, I’ll read again before going to sleep. I don’t read as quickly as many book bloggers, but I also don’t prioritize book reviews on my blog (since I also post about writing, etc.) I try to do a book review every two weeks. I would suggest that you try to find your reading speed and then allot a certain amount of each day to reading. Perhaps an hour if you can swing it, etc. Try to set a daily habit that is non-negotiable, maybe?

  2. Blogging is like a part-time job of its own!!! I actually do a lot of commenting and tweeting at work, so if that’s not something you can do, I imagine it’s really hard to find the time!
    I just try to schedule a lot of things in advance, and if I don’t have time to read a book for review, maybe a discussion post to fill the void!
    I just try to squeeze in reading any time I can! It sucks breaking it up into such small doses, but I’ll squeeze it in if I have extra time in the morning before work or before I leave for my boyfriend’s house at night. I actually hardly watch TV anymore because reading has taken a priority!! 🙂
    Good luck with your balance!!

  3. I understand exactly what you’re saying here. I went through 8 years of college and got barely anything read until I started listening to audiobooks. That would give me an excuse to “read” AND get something useful done like exercise or clean. 🙂 My job after that was a paid-for-forty-but-expected-to-work-80-hours-a-week job, and I also got almost nothing read. But the blessing was that there were tasks I could do at work that were automatic enough that I could listen to audiobooks while doing that. 🙂 I’ve recently been looking for a nice normal 40-hour-a-week job and THAT seems like SO much free-time (in my imagination). But I’m sure once I get used to it I’ll be mourning the loss of all my unemployed free-time. :p

  4. Girl… I feel like saying welcome to the real world of a full time job! But that’s pretty condescending and I hated when people told me that when I started my first “real” job. I think I’m lucky enough that I have down time at work and access to a computer so I can work on my blog. I also can read books online (Kindle and Library) at work, which is nice. But at night, I’m seriously pooped and by 8:30 am ready to sleep! I think what I’m slowly discovering though is that during the work week, if I read (which I usually do) reading a book that I WANT to read, that’s exciting and fun and doesn’t make me think too much, is better than reading something I HAVE to read for the blog. I can leave those books for the weekend! I also take advantage when I can of audio books. I usually have one either on CDs for the car or on my phone. I like to listen to books on my phone while I’m taking a bath, getting ready for work or cleaning house. As for blogging, I think the real key is to understand what your timeline looks like, what you can feasibly manage, and to stay ahead of the game. Set aside an hour on a Saturday (or whatever your off day is) to write reviews, schedule posts, etc. Hopefully some of these help; I think we all struggle with wanting to do MORE for our blogs/reading and work/real life! 🙂

    • That’s a great point about reading something that I want to read. I’ve noticed that I can get my reading done faster if I’m really into my book. I always try to squeeze some blogging in on my days off. Thanks for the advice, Candice! 🙂

  5. I usually read during breakfast, during lunch, and before I go to bed– I try to get ready for bed at an early time so I have the time for reading. I also usually have time for reading on the weekends, so I still feel like I get plenty of reading in even while working full-time. Blogging is harder for me to keep up with, but the biggest thing for me is to write when I feel like it. I usually can’t do more than two posts a week and if I don’t get them up? I try not to worry about it. I’m sure my traffic numbers suffer from my inconsistency, but I don’t care– I’m just in this to have fun.

    P.S. Cute new theme! It has been a while since I’ve stopped by, I see.

    • That’s a great way of thinking, Elizabeth. I do need to remind myself that I’m doing this for fun so there’s no need to stress if I fall behind in posting!

      Thanks! I really like it and I’m able to change things up very easily to keep things fresh.

  6. It is hard! Right now I’m working full-time and taking a grad school class. I have found that I bring my current book with me basically everywhere nowadays so that whenever I have a bit of free time I can read. I also try to get in some reading before dinner (since I don’t want to be looking at a computer screen or any screen really right then). But it’s a challenge! Maybe if you play around with different reading times and schedules, you’ll eventually find out what works for you? Good luck!

  7. I have a hard time, and often fall behind in writing blog posts. I try to remember to write one or two blog posts every weekend, and schedule them in advance, so that if I start falling behind, I have one or two things ready to go. Reading is tricky, but these days I have a subway commute of reasonable length, which gives me some space to read.

  8. Blogging definitely has cut into my reading time!! And I’m in school full-time and I have a child, so sometimes I’m able to read a lot and sometimes it takes me 2 weeks to finish a book!!! I get so mad when that happens! It seems like some bloggers are able to read 3 or 4 books per week… I WISH I could do that! I do what Amanda said she does, keep my book on me at all times so if I have 2 minutes I can read a few pages!

    Cool discussion topic btw!

  9. I read during my lunch, too. Sometimes it’s hard because everyone is chatting. Loudly. (Odd, because I work in a library.) I tried reading before bed too, but I always got too sleepy after a few pages and that made me frustrated because I made no progress and forgot the few pages that I read. So I started rereading my personal copies of books before bed. It’s easier because I already know what’s going on, and it’s fun for me to reread my favorites. Plus, it’s usually another book to review.

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