Book Review: “Dragon Flight”

“Dragon Flight (Dragon Slippers #2)” by Jessica Day George

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction, Fantasy

Source: Bought

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Summary from Goodreads:

With the Dragon Wars over, Creel finds herself bored with life as a seamstress. Then word comes that a bordering country has been breeding dragons in preparation for an invasion.

Never one to sit around, Creel throws herself headlong into an adventure that will reunite her with her dragon friend Shardas, pit her against a vicious new enemy and perhaps rekindle a friendship with Prince Luka that seems to have gone cold.

Funny, heart-felt, and action packed, this is a sequel that will satisfy on every level.


This book is a bit easier to swallow since we have a background knowledge of dragons and politics from reading Dragon Slippers. Obviously we have many of the same themes going in this book.

It’s interesting seeing dragons acting as independent agents. I don’t read many dragon books but the few that I do read always have dragons as weapons or dragons as wild animals. The dragons aren’t able to do what they want to do. This book explores them wanting freedom from all of the humans. They don’t want to steal food from people. They just want a bit of land of their own so they can grow food and raise animals. That’s a very different dragon than I’m familiar with.

The ending was very cutesy but I loved it. I’ve really come to love the characters so I’m very happy with them getting a happy ending. The characters don’t grow as much as I would have liked but I still love them. Creel is still a strong and feisty heroine. Marta gets to try her hand at being a heroine. It’s simple but it works.

The bottom line? Cute follow up story.


6 thoughts on “Book Review: “Dragon Flight”

  1. I really enjoyed Dragon Slippers. I should check into the other books in the series. One of my favorite things about Dragon Slippers was the different personalities of the dragons.

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