Quick Thoughts: “Priscilla the Great: Vampire Slayer”

“Priscilla the Great: Vampire Slayer (Priscilla the Great)” by Sybil Nelson

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction, Fantasy

Source: Kindle Freebie

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Summary from Goodreads:

The funniest book you’ll ever read about vampires and armpit hair.
Priscilla Sumner, a.k.a Priscilla the Great, finally has it all, coveted eighth grade status, an awesome boyfriend, and, oh yeah, keys to an invisible jet. So she’s definitely not gonna let any stupid vampires threaten her home town or her happiness. Against her will (and better judgment), Priscilla the Great must become…Prissy the Vampire Slayer.


This a fun short story. It’s Priscilla so it has the humor that I love. I didn’t love the focus on armpit hair. It was funny at first but got old pretty quick. It’s definitely one of those things that’s funny when you’re younger. It also had a bonus short story!

The bottom line? It’s a fun freebie.

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