Quick Thoughts: “Tread Lightly”

“Tread Lightly (Broken Shell Island)” by Dalya Moon

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy

GoodreadsSource: The Author in exchange for an honest review

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Summary from Amazon:

Edwin has disappeared, off on his own mission to track down an illegal crop. He falls into a trap, and Opal and Peter unwittingly follow him right in. Meanwhile, off the West Shore, two young witches resort to forbidden magic to save themselves.


Ahh much better. The first episode was enjoyable but a bit boring . The plans were set in the first episode so now we can get back to the fun stuff. Broken Shell Island is still a lot of fun. It’s a bit odd but still very magical and delightful. It’s definitely a bit reminiscent of Wonderland. Cinnamon bun fields? Licorice-rope bugs? Talking tigers? It’s a bit weird but I can’t help but want to know more.

Opal and Peter are back to playful banter which I appreciated. It feels very natural and I couldn’t help but grin while reading. Normally romance in books bothers me but this is very sweet. There’s no insta-love or lust. It’s just two people spending time together and growing fond of each other.

The bottom line? Enjoyable!


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