Quick Thoughts: “George’s Marvelous Medicine”

“George’s Marvelous Medicine” by Roald Dahl

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy

Source: Gift


Summary from Goodreads:

George’s grouchy grandma needs a taste of her own medicine, and George knows just the right ingredients to put into it!


It’s a very typical Dahl book. You’ve got the grouchy, mean adult and the kid who’s sick of it. This time the kid literally gives the adult a taste their own medicine. While I enjoyed it, it didn’t have that little bit of extra magic to make me love it and want to read it again.

Reading this as an adult is kind of funny. I read the chapters about George making the medicine in horror and hoping kids reading knew better than to attempt to make their own medicine.

The bottom line? It’s a fun read but not one of the must read Dahl books.

I read this as a part of my Roald Dahl Challenge.

Feel free to join in!





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