BHA: “Unwind”

Happy October everyone! Are you guys excited to read Unwind?

How to Participate:

Read Unwind in October


Post a review, leave your thoughts in the comments of this post, whatever you want to do. Bonus: the sequel UnWholly was recently published so feel free to pick that up to read if you have the time.

If you’ve read this book before you don’t have to read it again to participate for BHA. You’re more than welcome to chat in the comments with us or participate how you want to.

I want to try something new. If you planning on or even are just thinking about reading Unwind this month, say something in the comments. This doesn’t commit you to reading it. I just want a rough idea of how many people are reading the book. Thanks!

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Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “BHA: “Unwind”

  1. Read this one a few months ago and recently finished UnWholly! They definitely rank in the top of my favorite YA dystopias… there is a lot to think about in these books, particularly the shades of gray that surround some really divisive issues (like abortion). I hope everyone enjoys it!

  2. The whole thing! Especially the unwinding scene – holy crud – why ever would they do it like that?! Except to let the reader go through it with them. That was totally horrifying but so well done. I am excited to get my hands on Unwholly.

    • Okey dokey! So my review is here.

      Few quick things:

      Did you every get a specific feel for how far in the future this is? That area seemed pretty vague to me, and it’s something I would definitely have liked answered. I mean, it’s going to take a while for people to get from today’s mentality to a mindset where Unwinding is okay; that kind of change doesn’t happen overnight. But, based on atmosphere, Unwind could have taken place quite easily today, so I didn’t get a good feel for that time period. It’s probably just me being nit-picky, but I think that type of thing would help the overall impact of the plot.

      That was, I think, the big overall issue I had with the book.

      Otherwise, my favorite scene was definitely the one with CyFy. The parents’ reactions were so telling and just…wow.

      • I didn’t get a specific feel for the date. I would guess maybe ~ 100 years in the future? Aside from all the technology surrounding unwinding everything seemed pretty normal. I didn’t pick up things that would make me think it’s in the very far future (300+ years). You’re right, I felt a bit like it could have taken place today with just a few tweaks.

        That scene was really hard to read!

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