Read Along: Anne of Avonlea

This past Tuesday for Top Ten Tuesday we discussed series that we haven’t finished. Elizabeth and I both had the Anne of Green Gables series on our lists. We read Anne of Green Gables earlier this year together for BHA. We really enjoyed it and want to continue with the series but didn’t know when we’d get to it. Elizabeth had the brilliant idea of making it a bit of a read along since it worked out so well for the first book.

We are planning on reading Anne of Avonlea in November. Depending on our schedules we may continue doing this with the rest of the series.

Please let us know if you’d like to read with us. Like BHA, there’s no big commitment. Just read the book when you can, if you can.

Anne of Avonlea is in the public domain. You can download a copy for your ereader here.
Feel free to discuss anything related to the book in the comments! My review will be up late November.

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