Book Review: “Priscilla The Great: The Kiss of Life”

“Priscilla The Great: The Kiss of Life (Priscilla the Great #2)” by Sybil Nelson

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction, Fantasy

GoodreadsSource: Kindle Freebie

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Summary from Goodreads:

Hey there! It’s me again, Priscilla, a lean, mean, tween machine. Just when I’m finally getting the hang of my powers, something even more confusing and harder to understand enters my world…boys. That’s right, I can shoot fire out of my fingers and lift a car with one hand, but for the life of me I can’t decode “boy-speak”… and that just might turn out to be the death of me.


I’ve said it before but these books are an amazing mix of contemporary fiction with fantastical elements. Neither one feels weird or out of place. It’s really the best of both worlds. I need more books like this in my life.

The Kiss of Life‘s story was soo addicting. It’s a good amount of action and suspense. You can’t put the book down! There were a good amount of twists and turns. It was great that I didn’t see them coming.

I’m glad that this book didn’t have the weird problem from book one. Book one was a bit weird because it felt like two pretty complete books smooshed together. The Kiss of Life had a great flow and felt like a cohesive book.

I really enjoy Middle Grade books but many of them are written for a really juvenile reader. I understand that is the target audience but that doesn’t mean the author can’t write a story good for everyone. Nelson nails it perfectly. Priscilla is youthful without being overly juvenile. Great for all ages.

The bottom line? Highly recommended. I liked the first book but this was even better!


What are your thoughts? (Comments are moderated. Yours will be up as soon as I read it!)

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