Quick Thoughts: “The Call”

“The Call (The Magnificent 12 #1)” by Michael Grant

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction, Fantasy

Source: Kindle Freebie

Summary from Goodreads:

Twelve-year-old Mack MacAvoy suffers from a serious case of mediumness. Medium looks. Medium grades. Medium parents who barely notice him. With a list of phobias that could make anyone crazy, Mack never would have guessed that he is destined for a more-than-medium life.

And then, one day, something incredibly strange happens to Mack. A three-thousand-year-old man named Grimluk appears in the boys’ bathroom to deliver some startling news: Mack is one of the Magnificent Twelve, called the Magnifica in ancient times, whatever that means. An evil force is on its way, and it’s up to Mack to track down eleven other twelve-year-olds in order to stop it. He must travel across the world to battle the wicked Pale Queen’s dangerous daughter, Ereskigal—also known as Risky. But Risky sounds a little scary, and Mack doesn’t want to be a hero. Will he answer the call?


There was SO much going on in this book. I enjoy when books use known ideas from other stories but it needs to be done in a new way. A twelve year old being a part of an ancient group that has to stop evil and save the day? It’s not a new or exciting idea. It seems like the was author taking elements from all the MG books out there, throwing them into a pot, and hoping for the best. It feels so mismatched. I was way more confused/unsure than I needed to be. The book also tries too hard to be funny. I chuckled in a few places. It felt too focused on humor and neglected making the real story smooth. Maybe I’m just too old for the book?

The bottom line? As an adult, this really wasn’t for me. I’m sure 8-12 year olds would enjoy it much more though.



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