BBAW: What Book Blogging Means To Me

What does book blogging mean to you?

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Book blogging is my outlet. I don’t get a chance to talk books with many people and that makes me really sad. Don’t you hate it when you’ve read a completely awesome book but there’s no one to talk about it with? I was excited by the idea of being able to talk to other people about the books I read. I thought I was the only ‘adult’ who read younger books. That’s totally not the case! I’m easily able to find like minded bloggers to discuss, dissect, and rant about books with. What’s not to love about that?

I love that blogging exposes me to all types of books. I thought I knew a good deal about “my kind” of books (children’s/young adult) but boy was I wrong. There are SO many books that I’m overlooking. I think I would like to work in a library in the future most likely in youth services area. For that type of job I definitely need a wide knowledge of children’s and young adult books. Blogging has been a huge help to get me a background of books. I may not read every book out there but I read over fellow blogger’s reviews/posts and get a good picture about the book. It could definitely help me out with recommending books that I haven’t read. As with every other book blogger out there, I always manage to discover awesome sounding books thanks to reviews.

Thank you to all the book bloggers out there who write awesome book reviews. You’ve helped me discover some amazing books!


14 thoughts on “BBAW: What Book Blogging Means To Me

  1. Argh, yes, that horrible moment when you express your passion for a book and the other person says “sounds good”, and you know they aren’t really bothered. It’s interesting how many books you realise you’ve soaked up information on, and it takes really thinking about it to know it – working in a library is great idea!

  2. These are all the reasons I love blogging! I love being able to rec a book at the drop of a hat. What’s even greater is seeing a book a blog friend has rec’d and knowing i can rec it to someone because I trust that blogger’s opinion. It’s such a great community full of awesome bookish people and I’ve read a lot of books that I otherwise would have passed over thanks to this community!

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