Kindlegraph is a cool feature that allows authors to digitally sign their ebooks for fans. Readers sign on and request a book to be autographed. You don’t need to actually own the book or have a digital copy of it. You’re able to send a little message to the author if you want.

The author will see the request the next time they log in and ‘sign’ the book. Full details about what happens on the author end here. The autograph is a PDF file with a picture of the book cover and signed message from the author. I’ve had 2 done so far and they look quite a bit like what a ‘real’ signed book looks like.

Authors on there:

Sybil Nelson (Author of Priscilla The Great books)
Arthur Slade (Author of Northern Frights Series and Dust)
Dalya Moon (Author of Practice Cake, Broken Shell Island)
Catherynne Valente (Author of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making)
Abbi Glines (Author of The Vincent Boys and Existence)
Any many, many more

Any other cool authors on there that I missed?

18 thoughts on “Kindlegraph

  1. I think Lauren Destefano is on there and then Lisa Burnstien (author of Pretty Amy). I’ve never done this, but it is kinda cool. We don’t get too many author events my way either.

  2. Hi! I’m the creator of Kindlegraph.

    I’m really interested in how readers are using the service and what new features they’d like to see. In particular, I’m thinking about building a feature that would allow readers to request an author to join the service. That way I could approach an author and say “There are already 50 readers lined up waiting for your Kindlegraph”.

    Are there any other features you’d like to see?

    • Oh, wow. That would be a fantastic idea.

      It would be cool if you could somehow sync up to a Goodreads account to see if any authors you read are on Kindlegraph already. That might be difficult though.

  3. I remember reading about this when it first came out, but I completely forgot about it since then. I had no idea non-indie authors were on there! Cat Valente! Arthur Slade! omg!

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