Hidden in the Shelves (19)

Hidden in the Shelves is a feature where I show off a discovery (or rediscovery) that I came across while shelving books for work.

The Akhenaten Adventure (Children of the Lamp #1) by P. B. Kerr

Meet John and Philippa Gaunt, twelve-year-old twins who one day discover themselves to be descended from a long line of djinn. All of a sudden, they have the power to grant wishes, travel to extraordinary places, and make people and objects disappear. Luckily, the twins are introduced to their eccentric djinn-uncle Nimrod, who will teach them how to harness their newly found power. And not a moment too soon . . . since John and Philippa are about to embark on a search to locate a monstrous pharaoh named Akhenaten and his eerie tomb.

Summary from Goodreads. This sounds a lot like many of the other MG books out there. These kids are part of a secret world that they didn’t know about and now it’s up to them to save everything. I don’t mind reading a somewhat recycled plot if the author put his/her original touch on it. I think the Middle Eastern-ish vibe might be a pretty good change of pace. I haven’t seen too many books with the Middle Eastern influence so it’s a bit refreshing to see this. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it before!


2 thoughts on “Hidden in the Shelves (19)

  1. Kerr isn’t a very middle-eastern name, is it? I shouldn’t think it’s much of a middle-eastern touch; more of an extrapolation from other works of fiction. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. hehe

    • It’s probably doesn’t have an overwhelming ‘flavor’ of middle-eastern culture but just enough to make it interesting. Maybe like how the Percy Jackson books take a bit of Greek mythology and the Kane Chronicles have the Egyptian thing going on?

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