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ListedNew Adult is a new-ish trend in fiction. These books feature protagonists that are typically 18-26 years old. The characters deal with typical issues that people go through at that age: graduating high school/college, entering college, moving out, and getting a real job. Like Young Adult books (and even Middle Grade books) the books can integrate other elements into the story: fantasy elements, romance elements, paranormal elements, etc.

Here are some of my New Adult picks:

In addition Goodreads users have put together a couple of Listopias on the subject: New Adult/Post HS Books and New Adult Literature.

That’s only a tiny sample of the books that are out there. What are some of your favorite New Adult books?


22 thoughts on “Listed: New Adult

  1. I think that the new adult trend is interesting, and might in part be a product of the recession, as people are getting trapped for longer and longer in the can’t-quite-find-a-real-job phase. It’s more of a marketing change than anything else, as there have always been protagonists in that age group, they just weren’t given a label.

    I need to read “The Magicians” at some point. (There are a lot of books I need to read at some point.) I saw Lev Grossman speak at an event while I was in New York earlier this summer and he seemed like a pretty chill guy.

    • You’re right. These books have always been around. I did hear something interesting though about the marketing though. Teens/kids tend to read up. So if we have protagonists that are 18-26 year old, many of the readers will be 14-17 years old. Some people are a bit hesitant to push the books to the new adult market because the shenanigans of adults might not exactly be appropriate for teens. I thought it was interesting that people actually cared about that. Normally all focus is on the money!

      Yes you do! Especially if you’re a fan of Fantasy books.

  2. I really like the new adult books I’ve read and think it’s an interesting new trend out there. Always keeping my eyes out for notable ones. Recently I read Something Like Normal by Trish Doller– that was an excellent new adult read!

  3. I’m sort of interested in where this market will go. When I was in college I loved reading books about 20 somethings, their troubles with money, love, work, etc. It was like reading about the type of person I really wanted to be when I finished school. Then I got to be that age and yeah… not so fun. I didn’t have any cutesy times fending off bill collectors or crazy dates that ended in getting drunk with my roommates. But, all that being said, I think it’s great that the market is starting to grow and books of the New Adult genre are starting to be marketed more and more. It’s a fun age to read about and I think those who are looking for a good transition from their favorite Young Adult books will find a good home in the New Adult market!

      • That’s an interesting point, Alison. It’s sort of like coming of age/finding oneself happens a little older these days. Or maybe that it keeps happening as one gets older? I’m not sure.

        • There have been many reports that kids are getting out on their own later these days. The rough economy is extremely hard on younger people (speaking from personal experience here!) so they can’t find jobs and have to live with family for longer. More and more people are becoming “real adults” at 25/25 rather than 18/19. That might have something to do with it.

    • Haha, I know what you mean. From what I’ve seen, New Adult isn’t going to be a huge thing. They aren’t making new sections in book stores or libraries for it. It’s more of a marketing tactic. They’re just trying to reach older teens/younger adults with books about characters their age.

      • and this makes the whole thing only worse. it is way too close to YA to find out by your own what the fuck Justin Bieber NA is and if there gonna be like 10-20 books in this genre… omg… *facepalm*
        I am very sorry for people, who just like me, have no brilliant eye to get all these styles-ways-genres-an so on straight :E

  4. I think this is my new fave genre. I’ve always loved YA books, but as I’ve gotten older (I’m 33) I find myself looking for books with protags that have at least graduated from high school. I find them much easier to relate to. I’d love to see the genre pick up, but I agree that it probably won’t become a huge thing. My favorites: Tiger’s Curse and the books that follow, Flat Out Love, Beautiful Disaster…

  5. I haven’t read any of the New Adult books on your list, though I’ve been meaning to read Wanderlove for awhile. The Magicians looks great too. I’m really liking NA books and some of my faves are Something Like Normal, Flat Out Love, Going Too Far, and Slammed.
    It’s nice to read about older protags for a change of pace from YA, though you’re right that they still read very similar.

  6. New Adult is really interesting. I don’t understand why it’s not more popular than it is, especially considering most readers of YA are actually not teens any more.

    I’ve only read I Am the Messenger but ahhhh! I love that book so much.

    • I’m sure it’s more popular than we think especially since it’s technically been around for a long time. It’s just a bit hard to think of books off the top of your head.

      You should definitely try “The Magicians” especially if you read fantasy books growing up.

  7. You’re welcome! and thanks for the mention ^_^

    I can’t remember if I’ve read any other New Adult fiction books other than I Am the Messenger. Hmm.. maybe I should try venturing more into this genre.

  8. Oo, thanks for the links. I don’t understand where there even needs to be categories, honestly but I’m just an old fashioned reader. I think Alif the Unseen would be New Adult as well but it’s just a really good book that I wish more people read.

    • You’re welcome! I don’t understand it much either. If marketing wasn’t so involved in the book industry, categories probably wouldn’t exist.

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