Book Review: “Wool”

“Wool (Wool #1)” by Hugh Howey

Genre: Adult Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia

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Summary from Goodreads:

They live beneath the earth in a prison of their own making. There is a view of the outside world, a spoiled and rotten world, their forefathers left behind. But this view fades over time, ruined by the toxic airs that kill any who brave them.

So they leave it to the criminals, those who break the rules, and who are sent to cleaning. Why do they do it, these people condemned to death? Sheriff Holston has always wondered. Now he is about to find out.


The internet has been buzzing about this book for a while now. I’ve heard it’s really good and the movie rights have just been bought. To me that sets the bar pretty high so I was excited to give the adult dystopian novella a try.

It is a novella so the story is pretty short and moves quickly. The world building was pretty good. It felt a bit sneaky. Only tiny pieces of the world are revealed so you have to use your imagination to fill in the rest. Normally when things aren’t fully explained I get incredibly annoyed. I wasn’t annoyed too much in this book. I think mainly because Holston doesn’t know some of the stuff either. We’re both trying to figure things out. I didn’t feel like he was holding out too much on me.

I enjoyed the story. It was interesting and engaging. I loved the writing style. As of right now, I wasn’t totally and completely wowed by the story. I think I need to read the whole series before determining how much I liked it. I’m definitely glad I opted to buy the Wool Omnibus Edition so I have all 5 books on hand to read.

I do have to say the ending did annoy me. Mainly because it didn’t feel like an ending. It just feels like the ending of a chapter. Once again, YAY I have the next installment.

The bottom line? I liked it.

10 thoughts on “Book Review: “Wool”

  1. I liked the book; however, I found the book wanting because it did not adequately explain why, how all of this happened. Some of the characters, I just couldn’t relate to and descriptions of the silos was just too much. The ending left me dry; I was expecting some kind of reason or rationality of why all of this happened. To be clear, it is an interesting book but it lacks concrete descriptions of why all of this happened.

    • Yeah, things could have been explained better but I think things got a bit better with the rest of the parts in the Wool serial. I haven’t read the other books but I’m sure there’s even more explanation in those parts. I know it’s got to be hard to fit in everything into a short installment of a serial.

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