Discussion: Overstretching Yourself on Series Books

let's talkI’ve talked a bit about series books in the past but it’s a subject worth talking about again. Am I just completely crazy or do other people read way too many series books at once?  I was thinking the other day about how many series I’m trying to read and oh man I have way too many going on.

I’ve got the series that I’m actively trying to read (as in I’ve read 2+ books in the series). Those are: The Chronicles of Narnia, Heroes of OlympusThe Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, The Jaguar Stones, The Last Apprentice, Pendragon, Wool, and The Underland Chronicles.

Then I’ve got the series that I’ve read the first book of but haven’t totally made up my mind about continuing the series. Those books are: Anne of Green Gables, Books of Ember, Curse Workers, Delirium, Discworld, Divergent, Gone, The Maze RunnerThe Monstrumologist, Peter and the Starcatchers, and probably more that I’m forgetting about.

Of course there are the series that I tried but I’m not going to finish. [Lord of the Rings (even though it’s technically not a series), Wolves of Mercy Falls, Kane Chronicles, 39 Clues, Artemis Fowl, just to name a few]

Back in the “old days” (when I didn’t have tons of books to read) I would stumble upon a series that I liked and would read the whole series (or quit if I didn’t like it) more or less back to back if I could. Now I can’t imagine zipping through a series over a few weeks. I’d get bored! I like to mix up my reading so being constricted to one series is weird to me.

How do you read series books? Back to back? Slowly over time? Tell me all about it!


16 thoughts on “Discussion: Overstretching Yourself on Series Books

  1. Oh it all depends on how much I did like the first/previous book.
    Usually I am making a one-two-three books pause (depends on how much time did it take me to read it)between volumes, but I loved Martin’s Games of Throne so much, that couldn’t stop reading them and have read 6 volumes back to back, hehe.

  2. I’m totally the opposite! I love getting lost in a long series, and I especially love it when I start one with lots of books already released! I do detest waiting a year between new releases.

  3. I don’t actually read that many series, preferring one-offs. If I do have a series on the go, I will usually have that as my “main” reading and have single books, or at least series books that can be read singly, in between. Right now I’ve started the Song Of Ice And Fire series and am itching for the next book. I tend to really immerse myself in a series once I’ve got started, so it can be a bit intense.

    I absolutely recommend you finishing the Anne of Green Gables books, or at the minimum to read “Anne of Avonlea,” “Anne of The Island” and “Anne’s House of Dreams.” Also “Rilla of Ingleside” but I like that better if I read it as a one-off rather than thinking of it as an “Anne” book.

  4. If all of the books are out I like to read them back to back, mostly because series books have a tendency not to have clean endings. I get frustrated when I start a series and have to cut off my reading mid-story because the book isn’t out yet. 🙂

  5. I find I keep starting series that I will probably never finish! Like… I started reading the Narnia books with the intention of reading the whole series, but now I doubt I’ll ever go pick up the second book. Then again, I’ve been slowly making my way through the Jessica Darling books and those are a lot of fun. I think you’re right– there are so many series out there, we have to cut those that we don’t REALLY love from our lists or we’ll never get to the good stuff out there!

  6. Hi! If you don’t mind my asking, why did you stop reading Artemis Fowl? It’s probably my favourite series, so I’m curious.
    As for series in general, I don’t like the wait either, but so many books in the genres I read are series nowadays… Sometimes authors just push it, making it feel like they write sequels for the sake of writing sequels rather than for the sake of telling a good story, so I’m really hoping for more interesting standalones.

    • I read the first book and thought it was meh. I got the second book from the library and could NOT get into it at all. I ended up quitting it because I didn’t have time to read a book that I wasn’t enjoying.

      I’m hoping for more standalones too!

      • I’m sad to hear that, but if you didn’t enjoy them then I understand. Thanks for taking the time to give your opinion!

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