Listed: Manors and Castles and Mansions, Oh My!

ListedI’ve recently rekindled my love of manors, castles, mansions, and other large, glorious homes. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in nice homes. They’re typical American homes though. I love reading books that take place in large, spacious homes! I love the descriptions. I love the idea of wandering through the house and finding what kind of secrets are hidden. Here’s a small sampling of books that take place in those large homes.

I’m almost positive that I’ve read more books but I can’t think of them! What are some of your favorite books that take place in large homes?

9 thoughts on “Listed: Manors and Castles and Mansions, Oh My!

  1. I’m a sucker for the big house settings, too. But most of what comes to mind is actually from the romance genre. I know this is out of your usual reading zone, but Nora Roberts likes to feature huge mansions in her series (The Bride Quartet and the In the Garden Trilogy are the two that come to mind ). Also, I recently finished another romance novel that took place in a large, remodeled farmhouse (Natural Born Charmer). Then of course there are some more classic examples like Jane Eyre or Anne of Green Gables (I got the impression that Green Gables was a rather large manor-farmhouse). It seems that big houses are everywhere in literature!

  2. I used to read a lot of historical fiction about the European monarchies, particularly the Tudors. The setting was so much fun to read about!

  3. The Thirteenth Tale occurs, partially, in a large creepy house in England. It’s a great, gothic novel full of twists and turns! Worth reading if you haven’t already.

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