Book Review: “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”

“Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator” by Roald Dahl

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy

Source: Gift

Other books: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Summary from Goodreads:

Now that Charlie has won the chocolate factory, what’s next? Even wilder adventures, that’s what! Join him, Grandpa Joe, and, of course, Willy Wonka for the amazing, intergalactic sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!


This book takes off right where the Chocolate Factory left us. This should be fun and exciting. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a delightful, fun adventure so continuing the story would be even better! Errr.. not quite.

The Glass Elevator’s biggest misstep is it tries to do a very different story. Suddenly we’re in space and the US government thinks they’re aliens. It just doesn’t work for me at all. The entire space part of the story was really bizarre. There was no build up. It didn’t feel like the first book so I couldn’t get into it. Not to mention it tried to be very fantastical and just went too far.

The second half of the story was a bit better since they go back to familiar territory (the chocolate factory). This half definitely felt more like the first book, which I appreciated. The only problem was it felt like a completely different book compared to the space part of the story. It literally felt like they were two different stories weirdly melded together.

There’s not a ton of character development. It was interesting to see that Charlie’s grandparents were depicted as a little bit horrible since the reader was a bit fond of them in the other book. If you remember in Charlie and Chocolate Factory, the children were horrible, spoiled brats. They did what they wanted to and the bad things that happened to them were because they chose not to listen to Mr. Wonka. Charlie’s grandparents do the exact same thing. Lo and behold they’re in big trouble.

The bottom line? Definitely my least favorite Dahl book I’ve read so far.

This book was read as part of my Roald Dahl Challenge.

Feel free to join in and relive the magic of his books.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”

  1. I agree with you entirely: the change in style was a real shock to the system. I suppose even Roald Dahl was allowed to have ‘off’ books from time to time- especially as he was such a prolific writer.
    Which is your favourite Dahl book so far?

  2. It has been quite a few years, but I still remember this one as a big disappointment. Just didn’t click with me, kind of like the new Coke. But yes, his other work definitely makes up for this one.

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