Hidden in the Shelves (7)

Hidden in the Shelves is a feature where I show off a discovery (or rediscovery) that I came across while shelving books for work.

The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma

Set in Victorian London with characters real and imagined, The Map of Time boasts a triple play of intertwined plots in which a skeptical H.G. Wells is called upon to investigate purported incidents of time travel and to save lives and literary classics, including Dracula and The Time Machine, from being wiped from existence.

What happens if we change history? The author explores this question in the novel, weaving an historical fantasy as imaginative as it is exciting—a story full of love and adventure that transports readers to a haunting setting in Victorian London for their own taste of time travel.

Thanks Goodreads for the summary. The cover was what caught my eye. It was so shiny and cool looking! I’m not completely sold on the summary so I’ll just be content to drool over the cover.

7 thoughts on “Hidden in the Shelves (7)

  1. Sounds a little bit different, but I would’ve been drawn to the cover too! It’s really cool! And I do love Victorian London… perfect setting for a book!

  2. This was featured on the copy of The Time Machine that I got from a book swap, so I was interested in what it was about. Sounded like it could be good, but I never got around to picking up the book. I’m not completely sold on the summary either!

  3. The cover is terrific. Gothic, mysterious and eye-catching for sure! The description intrigues me, so maybe I’ll read it (and let you know how it is) Have a great week 🙂

  4. Oh oh oh! That cover is amazing! The style is so lovely- just like the ones for Cassandra Clare’s steampunk series. I agree with you about the story. It sounds as though it’s trying to be meaningful and an action novel. (Not in the best of ways). Do you think you’ll read it?

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