Style Saturday (May 12): Gateway Books Part 1

Style Saturday is a meme hosted by me where each week I present a prompt about reading style and explain my answer. Feel free to join in with your answer in the comments or leave a link to your Style Saturday on your blog.

I desperately need ideas!

This week: Gateway books are books that you’ve read that got you into a new genre, style, author, whatever. I want to hear all about the book(s) that got you into something new. Talk about as many as you have!

The Hunger Games was definitely my gateway into dystopian books. I loved it when I read it because it was so different than anything I had read up to that point. About 6 months after I read the series, I started blogging so I discovered more dystopian books!

Percy Jackson was my gateway back to children’s/young adult books. I thought I was very mature at a young age so I didn’t read “baby books” anymore starting at about 12. Yes, I loved Harry Potter and had a fond place in my heart for the books I read as a kid but I didn’t read that stuff anymore. I took a children’s lit class one semester in college and started to really enjoy younger books again. I tried PJ after a classmate said they really enjoyed it. I read it, completely loved it, and have been neck deep in kids/young adult books ever since.

Fahrenheit 451 was my gateway into classics. Duh, of course I read classics in high school but I didn’t like it. I hated the reading, I never understood what we were reading, and I hated taking tests about it. This I read on my own when I was about 20/21. I was completely impressed at how much of a difference a few years makes. Many classics were written for adults so teens will struggle with reading them. I gave myself a few years to grow up and mature. It made a huge difference. Now I’m not at scared as I used to be. I probably won’t read all of the classics that are out there but I’m willing to try the ones that interest me.

Share away! Stay tuned, in 2 weeks we’re going to help each other venture out to new books by suggesting gateway books for each other.


10 thoughts on “Style Saturday (May 12): Gateway Books Part 1

  1. Sophie Kinsella’s book Can You Keep a Secret (and also the Shopaholic series) was my gateway back into reading in general. I read a lot as a kid, but stopped around high school and didn’t read much of anything all the way through college and a couple years beyond. Then about 4 years ago, my sister told me I needed to try these books, and after Can You Keep a Secret I was hooked. Kinsella’s books reminded me that reading could be FUN, and that was the beginning of the end 😉

    My gateway into YA was Looking for Alaska by John Green. I had already read the Twilight books, but Looking for Alaska showed me that YA could also be smart and thought provoking.

    • Great! It’s always fantastic to find book(s) that make reading fun. Maybe I should look into her books!

      Oooh good pick. I never though YA was all that smart until I started read more of it recently. It’s great to see that here is some really good stuff hidden.

  2. Great topic Alison!

    My gateway into graphic novels many years ago was Art Spiegelman’s “Maus” books. I found them pretty disturbing but at the same time opened up all sorts of narrative possibilities. I had basically associated the entire format with the Richie Rich comic books I read when I was five, but those Spiegelman books struck me pretty solidly as different and deep.

    Still not my favorite genre by any means, but it’s one I basically would have ignored completely if not for Spiegelman.

  3. As far as I remember I was always a fantasy-girl. It all begun with children fairy tales. Time to time I am reading psycho thrillers and non fantasy romans, but only if someone has highly recommended me it and only time to time. So yeah, I am a childish one, boooo on me xD

  4. The Hunger Games got me interested in dystopia and to some extent YA in general. In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner got me into reading chick lit, Small Town Girl by LaVyrle Spencer got me into reading romance, and going WAY back, the Cam Jensen series got me into reading mysteries (which I don’t do much of anymore). I also have had a tendency toward author loyalty, so I’ve read nearly everything Jennifer Weiner (In Her Shoes first), John Green (Will Grayson, Will Grayson), Shirley Jackson (“The Lottery” short story), and a few others have written… I guess you could consider the first works of theirs I read to be gateway books, too!!

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