Pottermore is Open!

Good news for everyone who didn’t get the Beta invite to Pottermore. It looks like it’s finally open to the public. From what I’ve seen, they’re still slowly sending out the invites once you fill out all your info so we don’t overload the site.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is still the only book available to play. That’s fine (for now). It’s an enjoyable book!  I can’t wait until they add the other books. I’ve been on the site for quite a while so here are my thoughts about my experiences if you’re interested.

My name is SeerGoblet155 if you want to friend me.

If you’ve just got on, how are you liking it so far?


8 thoughts on “Pottermore is Open!

  1. I signed up this week and just sent you a friend invite (I’m RoseCharm19256). It’s fun so far, not too interactive though. The bonus features about the book are great and it’s visually appealing. Haven’t been able to do any spells yet. Do you go on the site regularly?

    • I don’t go on regularly anymore. I played through the book twice that first week. After that, Pottermore was having lots of problems. You couldn’t duel and potions were buggy so there was nothing to do. When more things open up, I’ll definitely get back on regularly.

  2. Yay! It’s a lot more fun that I thought it’d be, even IF the animations take forever to load. I like the potions/spell casting games.

    My username’s EchoWolfsbane9672, btw! I’m in Gryffindor. 😀

  3. I signed up for the email/newsletter. And I just found out that Pottermore has already opened! Did they not send out any notifications? The Pottermore site itself asks “Are you magical?” Am I suppose to wait for an invite or fill out that little quiz?

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