Style Saturday (March 31): Reading and Exercising

Style Saturday is a meme hosted by me where each week I present a prompt about reading style and explain my answer. Feel free to join in with your answer in the comments or leave a link to your Style Saturday on your blog.

I desperately need ideas!

This week’s idea is from Elizabeth: Reading and Exercising

She says: “I am still trying to find a way to make this work and would like to hear if other people bring a book/audiobook to the gym.”

I don’t go to the gym but if I did I think an audiobook would work best for me.

I listen to audiobooks on my iPod when doing things around my house (cleaning, cooking, etc) and it works pretty well for me. As long as the task I’m working on isn’t mentally demanding, I can focus on the task and the book. Yay multitasking!

I have a friend that said she uses her Kindle on her treadmill and reads while she runs/walks. I’d be way too scared to attempt that one.

How do you guys read and exercise? Do you even bother?

11 thoughts on “Style Saturday (March 31): Reading and Exercising

  1. I can’t really handle the physical book while doing all that bouncing up and down (I mostly use the elliptical or try to run on the track), so that leaves audio! My problem with that comes down to technology/number of books going at the same time. I get most of my listening time done in the car which only has a CD player, not an mp3 hookup. So I check out books on CD and I feel like it would be incredibly uncool of me to take a discman (yes, I still have one) to the gym. That leaves checking out mp3 books from the library and listening to them on my phone while I’m at the gym… which would add another audiobook into the rotation since I can’t really hear the speakers on my phone in the car. I just need to test it out, but boy, I can’t wait until they have some sort of way for me to pick up on a story on all my devices at the same time! (THE CLOUD!)

  2. Nah, I couldn’t read and exercise or even listen to an audio book. I need music and a good beat pushing me along. Plus, I sometimes zone out while running, and I’d miss parts of the book.

  3. I have some trouble reading and running because of the bouncing, although I think I’m getting better at dealing with that. But when I’m most likely to read at the gym is when I’m using a stationary bike – no bouncing, free hands, it’s perfect!

  4. I usually just work out at home on my rebounder – and it’s next to impossible to read while doing that! Although I have tried. Usually I use that time to watch my shows 🙂

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