Style Saturday- Help!

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted a Style Saturday in a few weeks. Well, I’ve run out of topics!

I started this blog back in June and I had this idea for a meme. I jotted down a ton of ideas for discussions. As you can see, it lasted me for quite a while but I’ve run out of steam. I can’t think of any more ideas.

If you like this meme and don’t want it to die, please leave some suggestions for ideas to use in the future in the comments!

Otherwise, this meme will probably be retired and only brought back occasionally if I can think of a topic I haven’t used before.

Ideas can be anything related to reading, books, or even reviewing! Here is what has already been discussed.

4 thoughts on “Style Saturday- Help!

  1. Reading and exercising– I am still trying to find a way to make this work and would like to hear if other people bring a book/audiobook to the gym.

    Notetaking/highlighting/marking pages/relying on memory– how do you keep your thoughts organized for reviews?

    Maybe you can expand this to talk about review styles/blogging stuff, too.

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