BHA: Anne of Green Gables

Welcome to the first official meeting of Book Hoarders Anonymous! March’s book is Anne of Green Gables.

How to Participate:

Read Anne of Green Gables in March.

(Physical book, ebook, audiobook, rereads are absolutely fine!)

That’s it!

This is the main discussion post for the book. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments as you’re reading. Leave questions you have.  Post a link to your review. Post a link to your thoughts on your blog. Chat with other members. Whatever YOU want to do.

The only thing I ask is be careful with spoilers. Do your best to say where you are in the book before you say something spoiler-y so people know if they can read your post. (Example: Chapter 5- YYYYYYY) I might edit your post a bit if you happen to forget. Thank you!

Happy reading folks!

My review of Anne of Green Gables

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BHA member’s thoughts: [Let me know if I missed you]

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37 thoughts on “BHA: Anne of Green Gables

  1. I’ve finished the first 4 chapters. I’m liking it so far. Anne is cute but she talks quite a bit. It will be interesting to see if I’ll continue to like it.

  2. I love AoGG! I read it over and over growing up. I re-read it as an adult last summer when traveling to Prince Edward Island (where it takes place) and fell in love with it all over again. I had forgotten how lyrical the writing is, and was amused with it at some parts. I hope you enjoy reading it!

  3. I just started the book, maybe 4 or 5 chapters in… Anne is such a precocious character. And (being a redhead myself) I can’t stop laughing at how much she hates being a redhead.

    • I’m a redhead too! I understand it a bit though. I know I was a bit grumpier about it when I was younger. Don’t think I hated it as much as she does.

      • I never really hated being a redhead, although as a kid I wanted to be blonde, but my husband likes to tease me about it ever since he saw the gingers episode of South Park. I just think it’s funny that it’s the one thing she can’t make herself happy about!

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  5. I’m about 12 chapters in. I can’t believe how funny it is. Guess that didn’t come through for me as a kid or at least I don’t remember the book that way. Also I don’t remember Anne (Anne with an e of course!) being so talkative either! 🙂 She’s cracking me up. The comments about being a redhead make me laugh because I dye my hair red and every time she feels bad about her hair and I want to tell her how much I would love it.

    • I wonder if the humor is one of those “adult” jokes. You know like when you read a YA book and the teen whines about stupid stuff that would upset you as a teen (but makes you roll your eyes as an adult). I’m finding it hilarious too.

  6. I’m in chapter 9 where Marilla is lecturing Anne about her behavior toward Mrs. Rachel… It’s so funny because I had this same conversation with a student recently. Yes, that person was a jerk to you, but no you cannot fly off the handle at them. Guess some things never change!

    • I think it’s pretty funny to look back at all the silly/aggravating things Anne does. I know as a kid I never intentionally did things to annoy my parents. Things just happen! (Like they do for Anne.)

      • Yeah, kids (or in my student’s case, immature young adults) are so ruled by their emotions. Anne’s outbursts remind me of Jane Eyre’s childhood outburst… children give in to their inclinations to say and do things that adults would restrain themselves from. Just like how Marilla is totally amused by Anne even though she knows she has to teach her a lesson about right/wrong.

        I’m sort of curious to know what happens to Anne’s wild and imaginative streak as she gets older. Do you know if the other books cover her life as she gets older?

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  9. Reading from my Kindle, I’m about 40% into the book. I cannot believe how long winded this girl is. lol And the dramatics make me laugh. She’s a pip!

  10. I just finished. I hadn’t read it in about 10 years. I must say that it was refreshing compared to the more recent “coming of age stories.” I also just finished “Perks of Being a Wallflower” and it just made me appreciate Anne so much more! The situations she would get herself into were so silly and funny but I couldn’t stop reading nonetheless! I think Matthew trying to buy her the dress is one of the funniest things ever. And I would fight back tears every time Marilla would feel her love for Anne but not be able to express it properly. Are you going to read book 2 “Anne of Avonlea?” It’s pretty good. The first book is by far the best, but I also enjoyed 2 and 3. I didn’t like 4 much. 5 and 6 were ok.
    You just HAVE to watch the movies from 1985 though. They are FANTASTIC!! There are 2. Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea.

      • I’m about 65% into the book and I absolutely love Anne, with an E! lol I will have to look for the movies, but I want to read the books first. I’m trying to finish this as fast as I can while enjoying every minute of it.

  11. Finally finished Anne today! So charming! I’ll be posting my thoughts when I get around to it, but thanks for getting me to read this– I wouldn’t have otherwise and I would have definitely missed out on some really great characters!

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