Reading Slumps…

…seriously suck. It’s terrible to sit down and want to read but have absolutely no interest or desire in reading. I had a particularly nasty spell this last week. It took me a whole week to read a ~400 page Middle Grade book. It’s ridiculous especially considering that it normally would only take me 2 or 3 days to finish it. Every time I’d sit down to read, I could get 20 pages read before I lost interest and wandered off to do something else.

So what do you do when you get stuck in a reading slump? The most common responses I’ve heard in the past are reread something you love or read a short book.

*Hooray. I broke my slump! I guess I need to mix up my reading more often. I’ve been on a fantasy kick lately and apparently it’s been dragging me down. I picked up a contemporary book yesterday and devoured it in one afternoon!

13 thoughts on “Reading Slumps…

  1. I totally understand reading slumps! Normally, I’m pretty good about reading during the week, but found I just couldn’t focus on books, so I went to my favourite TV shows last week instead. Halfway through the week, I picked up a review book and read it in a night and a morning and realized it was probably the fact that my current read just wasn’t grabbing me that put me in the slump. I’m hoping to get out of it this week! Glad you got out of yours! 🙂

      • It helps me not to stop reading at all xD
        See, there stay some kind not nice aftertaste in my subconscious mind if I make break in such moment. I get association that reading not fun at all, that it is difficult (since I read in foreign languages only) and sucks. So the only way out for me is to force myself reading and make break when this phase is over

  2. I always seem to find myself in a reading slump during this time of the year. I usually just watch a movie or play a game, something to distract myself from my usual reading until I feel in the mood for something to pull down from my shelves.

  3. When I get in a book slump I try to decide if the book I am reading is worth finishing (since I am not excited to read it all the time). If it is, I try to read more to wrap up the story. If it isn’t I try to grab a book by an author that I really like- or read a quickie, but goodie. Glad you found something to catch your interest after the long MG read!

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