Style Saturday (February 18): Spoilers Part 2

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This weeks: Major Spoilers

How do you feel about the big spoilers of a book. Do you stick your fingers in your ears and start humming whenever someone even brings up the title of a book you haven’t read yet (or are currently reading)? Do you cut yourself off from the outside world until you’re finished with a book so nothing is ruined? Or are you more lax about spoilers?

I used to be pretty uptight about not wanting a book to be ruined. I’d jump down someone’s throat if they tried to ruin the book for me. Now I’m more lax about the situation.

Obviously I don’t want a book spoiled if I’m currently reading it. As far as books I’d like to read in the future, I’m not concerned with spoilers. It’s not a huge deal if I read or hear one. I read a lot of books so there’s a pretty good chance I’ll forget about the spoiler by the time I get to the book. No harm done!

How do you feel about big spoilers?

3 thoughts on “Style Saturday (February 18): Spoilers Part 2

  1. I’m pretty good at forgetting so I don’t get too worried about spoilers. I mean, I reread books all the time and while I might remember the really big plot points, I still forget how the book gets to them. So if someone in passing says something, chances are it will be long forgotten before I read the book.

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