Saturday Style (January 14): Re-reading Childhood Favorites

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This week: Re-reading childhood favorites

Do you enjoy digging out your old (or finding new copies) favorite books and re-reading them as an adult? Do you prefer looking back on them fondly and not re-reading them so you can keep the magic alive?

It’s been a bit of a hobby of mine over the past few years to re-read books I loved as a kid. I go into it knowing that I might not feel the same about the book. I am a very different person than I was at 8 (or 12 or even 17). I’m okay with the fact that I might not enjoy it anymore. Some books are better suited for kids and there’s not much you can do about it. Those are just books you save to read with your future children/niece/nephew/etc.

Personally I enjoy re-reading them because it’s amazing how different a book can be when you have a few more years of experience on you. I can pick up on things I never quite understood as a kid but as an adult it makes total sense! I love when author put in jokes for the older (or parent) readers. That’s always a nice gesture.

Obviously many books aren’t super deep and have multiple layers for the reader to figure out but they are still wonderful books to revisit when you have the chance. The books that are deep and have multiple layers (Harry Potter is one that comes to mind) are fantastic re-reads because every single time you read the book you can discover something new and different. There’ s no greater joy to a reader than that.

How do you feel about re-reading childhood books?

8 thoughts on “Saturday Style (January 14): Re-reading Childhood Favorites

  1. I reread childhood books all the time. The ones I loved, I’ve been rereading at intervals over the course of my life, so it’s not usually a big surprise. It’s not like, I read it as a kid and now I’m reading it as an adult; because I’ve been reading it every couple of years forever. But anyway I’m definitely in favor of doing it — the books are always so comfortable and lovely, like coming home.

  2. I re-read Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, and a few others once in a while. It brings back memories and yes, I discover new things!

  3. Oh, if I could only remember the books I read being a child, lol xD
    Okay, there is one serie I do remember, but I would probably re-read it only if I find it in German language.
    Btw, I was surprised when I saw in what age category Harry Potter is! 10-12 years! Are these books really so childish? Or the 10-12 years old persons are way more mature than I imagine??

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