Suggestions Welcome!

Alright bookish friends, I’d like your help. I was given a holiday bonus at work of a $25 gift certificate for the bookstore. So between that and my employee discount I can get a fairly good selection of books (especially if I buy used!).

I know I would have no problem finding books for myself but I’d love to hear your suggestions. If you’ve been following me for a while, you have an idea of what I like and read. I’m also open to other suggestions so if you’ve read something really awesome recently please share! If possible, give a mini blurb/summary. 😀

And GO.

7 thoughts on “Suggestions Welcome!

  1. I’m not sure what you love to read, but I’ve read a ton of wonderful books this year. For short stories, buy Delicate Edible Birds by Lauren Groff, or Girl Trouble by Holly Goddard Jones. Those were my two favorites this year.

  2. Oops, I forgot to give a mini blurb or summary…
    Lemme just use a few lines I used to describe Clockwork Prince in a review I did, as i’m too lazy to rewrite it.
    It continues the story of sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray, who crossed the ocean to find her brother after her Aunt’s death, but instead, she finds stele-wielding Demon Killers who call themselves Shadow Hunters, and a guy named Mortmain whom wants to make her his bride, and somehow ‘created her’.

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