Book Review: “Life in Miniature”

“Life in Miniature” by Linda Schlossberg

Genre: Adult Fiction, Realistic FictionGoodreads

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Summary from back cover:

Adie has always known she was different. There’s her size, for one thing. Born three months premature, Adie is the smallest of her peers. Then there’s Adie’s mother, who at first glance seems like so many other 1980s moms—clipping coupons and attending Feel the Burn aerobics classes. But beneath the surface is something erratic and unpredictable, something that makes her drag Adie and her older sister, Miriam, from one rental apartment to the next—until Miriam runs away.

Adie is left behind with her mother, who is convinced their lives are in real danger and takes Adie on a crazy run across northern California. Now Adie faces a stark choice: submit to this increasingly surreal adventure, or grow up in ways she never imagined…


I bought this book on a whim because it was super cheap at Borders and it had the potential to be very interesting. I wouldn’t want to have a crazy mother but I’d love to read about one.

This book definitely reaffirms that I’m a huge plot girl. Life in Miniature did not have that defined plot that I crave. Instead it takes it’s time to slowly paint the picture of life with a mentally unstable mother. Adie tells little snippet stories about her life. Yes, these stories do a good job of seeing into Adie’s life but it’s also quite boring. As a reader, I can only handle being told so many time that the men are ‘out to get’ Adie and her mother. The places within the story change but it’s still the same situation in every location.

I did appreciate the fact that Schlossberg was able to capture the voice of a preteen fairly well. Her style of writing was fairly enjoyable. It was an alright effort for a debut book.

The ending ruined the whole book. Things do not work out that easy. Authors your books don’t have to wrap things up so easily and nicely. Generally I prefer if you don’t. Life doesn’t happen that way.

Rating 2/5

The book was a fine way to pass the time but there was nothing that made it stand out among all the other books out there.


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