Reading Buddies: The Woman in White-Second Epoch

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Once again, here’s the next installment of the Woman in White. If you haven’t read the second epoch, stop reading now!

I’m going to try something different for this installment. I’ve been writing quick reading notes after I read a couple sections every day. I’m going to post my notes in bold and then expand on my thoughts. It’s kind of interesting to see how my thoughts change as the story progresses.

Really don’t like Sir Percival. Trying to get her to sign without reading? Very, very shady. (This was after Sir Percival was trying to get Laura to sign the document. I was way too involved in the scene. My heart was pounding thinking she was going to sign it or that Sir Percival was going to hurt her to get her to sign it.)

Ahhh. Okay. This is all about money. Are they going to kill Laura? (Yeah I’m very suspicious. Hopefully Laura catches on by herself.)

Anne and Laura look similar? Could the be secretly related? Oh! Are they going to try and pull a switch on them? (I really do wonder if they’re related and that’s why Anne liked Laura’s mother so much? There are so many different possibilities that could happen. )

Oh no, she’s sick. Count read her diary?? So he knows she’s suspicious. Does this mean she’s a good as dead? (Poor Marian. I really can’t believe the Count read her diary. I hope they don’t ‘take care’ of her.)

Mr. Fairilie really annoys me. Hearing him whine in is own voice makes him less likeable. (Can you tell that I really hate him? I just wanted to slap him the entire time I was reading his narrative. He’s so selfish.)

I really want to like Count. He’s trying to get Laura out of the house too. Is he on her side? (The Count keeps jumping from the good side and the bad side for me. I really don’t know where his loyalties lie. I really hope he’s a good guy. How do you feel about him?)

Laura dies that easily? Something is fishy. (This raised so many red flags for me. I know people died a lot easier in the 1800’s but this was really strange. I don’t think the cook is intentionally trying to lie. She was just trying to tell what she knows.)

Oh! Yay Laura isn’t dead. But who’s in the coffin? Who else is in on this? (Now I suspect there was a switch pulled on the train. The cook wouldn’t know what Laura looks like but the other people at the Count’s house do. Are he and his wife in on this?)

The story is definitely getting more interesting! It’s still a bit long for my taste but I’m really enjoying the story.

How are you guys liking the story? If you’re doing reading buddies, feel free to leave a link to your thoughts.

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