In My Mailbox (12)/This Week

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren (who was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie‘s This Week in Books). Basically you just post about new books that came into your house over the past week, whether in the mail or by getting them at the library or by buying them in a store.


“The Son of Neptune” by Rick Riordan [My package didn’t get here til Thursday. 😦 Oh well, already finished it. I’ll post a review tomorrow.]


“The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins [I’m going to try to do Reading Buddies over at Erin Reads. Almost 700 pages is a bit daunting though.]

What did you get this week?

This Week at The Cheap Reader

I just finished Son of Neptune. My review will be posted tomorrow.

I will finish The Princess Bride this week and get a review up as well. I’m hoping to watch the movie this week as well so I can write a Versus feature on the two (plus I just want to watch the movie again).

I’m thinking about reading an Agatha Christie book this week. I have Secret Adversary and The Murder at the Vicarage. Any recommendations/suggestions about which one to read?

22 thoughts on “In My Mailbox (12)/This Week

  1. I’m glad you’re going to try The Woman in White with me! It does seem a bit long, but it also seems to be one most people really enjoy, so my fingers are crossed it ends up being a good read.

    I keep meaning to read The Princess Bride! I grew up with the movie and can’t believe I’ve never read it. As for Agatha Christie, my husband is a huge fan but I’ve only read a little, so I’m the wrong person to ask!

    • I’m excited. I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it more since I’m reading with people rather than trying to tackle it on my own.

      Oh my, you’d love it! Well, if you love the movie, you’d love the book. The style is a bit off but the story itself is wonderful.

  2. You got through the Son of Neptune quickly. I’ll check for your review tomorrow. Yes, a 700 page book is daunting! I don’t think I’m up for that challenge at the moment. Have a good week!

    • I know I read it fast but I was SO excited to have it. I’ve been waiting since last year to read it. (I think I actually read The Lost Hero in about a day last year, haha). Big books are scary but it’s a month long event so that makes things much easier for me.

  3. I have got “The Picture of Dorian Gray” in Lithuanian(my mother sent it me). Book isn’t mine, I have borrowed it about 4 (!!!) years ago from one friend, but then I have moved to Germany and forgot the book in Lt. Bu now it is here and I gonna return it via post xDDD

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